15 Terrific Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People

15 Terrific Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People

We are human and we should not talk bad about our kinds. But it is true, we are suck sometimes, at least when compared to dogs. If you love dogs like I do, there must be no room to disagree. However, in case you do not have on of those fluff balls in the house, here are some reasons to convince you:

  • Your dog loves you the most. You could pop a hundred of pimples from stress as work, but as long as you are not mean to him, he will give you his world, with kisses and cuddles included.

(source: dogloveit.com)

  • They are always happy to see you, regardless how long you have been gone

(source: starpulse.com)

  • They are loyal as a samurai to his master

(source: reuters.com)

  • They are good listener and do not check in on Facebook when you are talking

(source: thebark.com)

  • Dogs do not play hard to get, no mind games.


(source: dogchannel.com)

  • Dogs are silly, but they will not argue about silly things like who did what on the other day

(source: catchfred.com)

  • While the world does not know who you are, your dog thinks of you as the world

(source: science-all.com)

  • They decrese your blood pressure, unlike human. And they can be nurses who are always attentive, too.

(source: petattack.com)

  • They are so selfless.

(source: twimg.com)

  • They work so hard you only need to hire one to watch out for another hundred animals
  • They will not judge you for being a Kpop fan

(source: hayateen.com)

  • Dogs are not into materialism.

(source: cloudfront.net)

  • Dogs like to make you laugh

(source: woofipedia.com)

  • They are probably the most optimistic thing in the world

(source: woofipedia.com)

  • No drama included. They will not screw up as a friend

(source: petsworld.in)

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