Bathing Your Dog: 5 Steps to a Stress-Free Scrub at Home

Bathing Your Dog: 5 Steps to a Stress-Free Scrub at Home

Dogs get dirty for all reasons: mud baths, hard work on the field, hunting for toys, etc. There are times when a bath is desperately needed, no matter how much the dog detest it. Here are some tips to de-stress the bathing time with your pups.

  1. Finding the right shampoo

More and more people are talking about how shampoos irritate their dogs with itchy skin or inflamed eye area. Look for the shampoo that is free from paraben and sodium laurel sulfate. These shampoos are made from natural ingredients. The manufacturers should also make sure that all of the other ingredients are safe and do not have insecticide purposes.

  1. Preparation

For small dogs, you can bathe them in a large sink so that their strugglings won’t get them out of the tubs. However, with large dogs, you should bathe them in the bathtub, or even in walk-in showers when it comes to really big dogs. Whichever spot you choose, it should be comfortable bathing-your-dogfor you to twist and turn inside.

For the water temperature, if it is cold for you, it is cold for the pet. Your dog would be a lot more sensitive than you, therefore your best bet would be lukewarm water.

Also, do these pre-measures:

  • Brush the fur thoroughly, because a flock of hair would weigh down when soaked with water
  • Put the leash on if your dog tends to struggle a lot
  • Put cotton balls in their ears to prevent the water from going in
  1. Bathing
  • Since you will get the bottom of the tub wet, lay down a towel so that the mutt won’t slipping around and lose his stability
  • Get him wet everywhere, four legs, four paws, and the undercarriage, too
  • If your dog has water-resistant fur, then make sure you use the sprayer to get him wet down to his skin.
  • Pour a strip of shampoo across the dog’s back. If you use soap, hold the bar in your hand and lather up.
  1. Rinsing
  • Rinse all the soap and residue can be a tiresome process. However, make sure you do this thoroughly because dried shampoo can irritate him.
  • Wet a washcloth to wipe his face while he’s still in the tub. This way the allergens like pollens can be wiped away.
  1. Dry
  • If your dog is new to bathing, it may be uncomfortable for him to do both bathing and blow-drying at the same time. For his first times, towel dry would be much better.
  • Dry immediately because dogs get chilled when their skin and fur is wet.
  • Keep the temperature setting on low heat.
  • Should the dog get nervous or anxious, take the blow dryer away. Our goal is to create a happy bathing experience, after all.
  • Use cotton swabs to cleanse his ear.


You don’t have to bathe your dog too often. Follow these steps so that bathiing can be a pleasant experience for both you and your dog.

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