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This regal breed has an air of sophistication all of its own. Lean, swift, and elegant, it is still used for hunting and as a guard dog in Afghanistan, where its coat protects it from the extreme winter cold. It has become a popular show dog and pet for those with commitment.

Its history can be traced back to the Middle East. Used to hunt gazelle, deer, and leopard, it is fleet of foot and extremely agile in rough terrain. Also used as a guard dog for sheep and cattle, it was introduced to Britain and America in the 1920s.

Three varieties exist in Afghanistan, short-haired, fringe-haired, and long-haired. Its coat can be any color. It has ears that are long and set back, and dark eyes in a long, elegant face. Its legs are long and straight and it has unusually large feet for a sight hound.

Loving and affectionate, though occasionally aloof, the Afghan also makes a good watchdog. It is an energetic animal that needs regular exercise and thorough obedience training to curb its independent streak.

Suitability as a pet
High maintenance in terms of grooming, which should be done daily. The Afghan is not aggressive and gets along with children, but may become frustrated without enough exercise.

Height: 64–79 cm (25–29 in)
Weight: 23–27 kg (50–60 lb)
Life span: 12–14 years
Grooming: ***
Exercise: ***
Town or Country: T/C

Key to rating checklist


*** two 30-minute runs a day

** two 20-minute runs a day

* one 10-20 minute walk a day


*** 15 minutes brushing a day

** 5-10 minutes brushing a day

* 2-3 minutes brushing a day

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