Dog Breeds – Basenji

Dog Breeds - Basenji

The most notable characteristic of this sight hound is that it does not bark but makes a yodeling sound when happy. It is a fastidious dog that will clean itself rather like a cat. The female is unusual in that she only comes into season once a year.


It is possible that the Basenji originated in the Middle East, its likeness having been depicted on Egyptian tombs. The dog we know today, however, came from Africa where it was used for hunting. It was introduced to America and Britain in the 1930s.


A short-coated dog with sharp upstanding ears and a tightly curled tail. Its wrinkled brow gives it an endearingly concerned appearance. Its sleek, short-haired coat comes in black, black and white, tan and white, or brindle (brown or grey streaks or patches against a darker color).


Good-natured and companionable. It can be mischievous and likes to climb. It has a reputation for stealing food and is not always responsive to training.

Suitability as a pet

Like many hounds, it can be difficult to train, so it needs regular handling from an early age. It is naturally curious and loves to play. A gentle, affectionate dog that will suit many households.

Height: 41–43 cm (16–17 in)

Weight: 9.5–11 kg (21–24 lb)

Life span: 12 years

Grooming: *

Exercise: **

Town or Country: T/C

Key to rating checklist


*** two 30-minute runs a day

** two 20-minute runs a day

* one 10-20 minute walk a day


*** 15 minutes brushing a day

** 5-10 minutes brushing a day

* 2-3 minutes brushing a day


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