Dog Health Care – Common Pains and Aches


It should be strictly kept in mind that the dogs have to be taken to the vet for regular checkups, without waiting for an ailment to first appear. This attitude may also act as a precaution and prevention measure for any future problems. Besides these routine checkups, you should also try to examine your dog yourself every day. By adopting this process your dog will get acquainted with it soon and this would bring you closer to your pet, thus strengthening your relationship. Another very important advantage can be early detection of any disease in the pet followed by its timely treatment.

The presence of a cordial and happy surrounding is the most befitting gift that can be given to your pet by you. The bond between the two of you can be made stronger by having maximum communication with each other. The relationship can be further strengthened by patting the dog quite a number of times, rubbing the ears, paws etc. and expressing your affection and concern for the pet. The physical contact with your pet may also ensure alertness and caution against an adverse situation well in advance.

During the process of admiring and adoring your dog, you can side by side perform a physical scan test for his or her welfare. You may move your hands tenderly along the body of the pet and try to find anything unusual. It could be any bump, inflammation, swelling or blistering skin. All these symptoms can make you alert for problems like allergy, parasites or dryness.

Simple protrusions or boils on the skin may not be ignored as they can be the initial symptoms of some deadly diseases. You may carefully examine the vertebral column to see if the alignment of the vertebrae is proper or not. Besides this you can also scan the ears and paws of your pet and act according to the observations made.

Be attentive while looking and caressing your dog. If any type of swelling is observed in some part of the body don’t ignore it. It may be an indication of any heart disease, kidney infection or even cancer.

Eyes and ears of your dog are also very sensitive and vital parts of the body. They should also be scrutinized with the utmost care. In case the ears appear light pink in color and are neat and tidy, then there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, if you detect some foul smell or exudation or any kind of extra growth / mass, developing of any bug, etc., then you should promptly take your dog to the veterinary doctor and take action according to his advice.

Proper investigation of the eyes is also of great importance. The eyes of your dog should be dazzling and clear. If the eyes are red, swollen, giving some discharge or are watering, then you must surely make a mention of this to your vet. A number of eye diseases like glaucoma, conjunctivitis etc. can thus be properly treated as well as eradicated in the initial stages of their development.

Appropriate attention should be paid towards the mouth of the pet. You can check whether the gums are healthy or not by thoroughly observing the mouth. The usual symptom for a healthy gum is that it is pinkish in color and is free from boils or abrasions. Some dogs may have brown or black gums. The teeth of your dog may also be examined daily and check if the color is yellowish or some deposition is detected. If such a situation arises you may gently brush the teeth of the dog with toothpaste specifically designed for them. Initially, your dog may find all this awkward, but slowly and steadily he or she will get used to it and start looking forward to it.

Easy to use and simple tooth brushing appliances are available, which may be procured so that the task of brushing your pet may become much comfortable, both for you and your pet. The device is composed of a rubber sleeve that has a jagged surface and just covers your forefinger. The hairs of tooth brush may hurt or bruise the dog’s gum, but moving your forefinger, with this appliance on, over the gum of the pet would make the process much more convenient and harmless.

Regular eye on the mode of eating, walking and energy level of the dog is of utmost importance. Any drastic change if observed should be reported to the veterinary doctor immediately.

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