Dry Bath for Dogs: Why and How

Dry Bath for Dogs: Why and How

Whether you love pets or not, dealing with a stinky puppy is not fun. Although many cats and dogs clean themselves well enough, some still need your assistance to keep looking and feeling great. In fact, regular cleaning is an important part of canine disease prevention. Grooming helps in keeping the dog’s skin, teeth and ears in good condition. It is also a perfect chance to examine your dog at home. This allows you to detect any health problems in early stages.

Moreover, the massaging that accompanies cleaning is important to relax the dog and strengthen the bond between you and your buddy. But what if the dog refuses to enter the bathtub? If your puppy is stubborn, then the only way to clean it is through dry bath for dogs. Thankfully, a homemade dry shampoo can really help you do this. However, this does not normally help with skin problems, fleas or other defects. You may want to see a professional to help with these.

Why dry bath for dogs is important

Dogs do not produce oil as much as humans do. This means frequent bathing may strip off their natural oils that are essential for healthy coats and skins. If the dry skin becomes itchy, constant biting and scratching may open wounds that can be very difficult to heal. Therefore, it’s a good idea to apply a dry shampoo to absorb grease and dirt. Although it’s not as good as wet bath, a dry shampoo comes in handy during wet weather conditions.

What you need for a dry bath: a dry shampoo

When it comes to choosing dry shampoos, you can use a home-made or commercial product. If you prefer the first choice, here are what you need for a home-made dry shampoo:

  • An empty plastic storage bowl container.
  • Dog treats.
  • 1 cup of baking powder.
  • 3-5 drops of essential lavender.
  • 1 cup of cornstarch.
  • A towel.
  • A dog brush.

. A nice area for cleaning the dog

How to dry bath your dog with a shampoo

  • Clean any snarls, dead hair, and matted fur with an old hairbrush or your pet’s normal grooming brush, and then sprinkle a proper amount of shampoo on your dog.
  • Ensure that you work the dry shampoo through your dog’s fur with your hands. After doing this, let it to sit for around 5 minutes. This will allow the cornstarch and the baking powder to absorb the odors and oils from his fur and skin.
  • Brush off the remaining shampoo mixture, brush your dog’s fur and rub him with a cloth or an old towel. However, do not discourage your dog from shaking since this is his natural way of ensuring that the shampoo is out of his ears, nose, and eyes.
  • If there is too much shampoo left, blow dry his coat. While doing this, ensure that your dryer is on the cool or warm temperature setting before using.
  • Give your dog a nice treat

What You Should Keep In Mind

Generally, you can give your dog a dry bath to maintain its cleanliness. In fact, you only need some baking powder and a good dog brush. When it comes to cleaning your dog, baking powder can do wonders for its coat. Remember that if you really want to clean your dog well, you need a good amount of baking powder, hence don’t skimp. This kind of cleaning is safe, non-toxic and could take only a few minutes. But, be very careful not to over do it.

Also, it’s recommended to carry out this process outside so it won’t matter where the baking powder goes. You don’t want to sweep the baking powder on your couch or vacuuming it out of your carpet. Dry bath for dogs is a good way to keep your dog fresh besides the normal baths. Remember that you still definitely need to give your dog regular baths since baking powder only makes him fresh but does not clean completely. Although dry bath for dogs is simple, the results are often amazing!

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