How much to feed 6 months old

How much to feed 6 months old

Guide to feeding a 6-month-old pup

By 6 months, your dog may look like an adult, but he is still a puppy. As a rule of thumb, a puppy or young dog will eat two to four times more than an adult. Choose a dog food that gives the balanced amount of nutrients a young dog needs. All in all, make sure the dog is getting enough protein, calcium, and calories. For the specific measurement for feeding a 6-month-old dog, read on.

Puppyhood is a rapid growth period, therefore your pup should only be fed with puppies food that is specialized with different levels of nutrients, which is quite different in comparison with food for older dogs. Some premium brands do not offer a specific puppy food, but it’s okay as long as the ingredients are human-grade. Every brand of food has different nutrients, calories density and recommended feeding routines. Check the company’s labels to know these important indicators.

Guide to feeding a 6-month-old pup

Young puppies need feeding at least three times a day. However, by the time your pooch is six months of age, the feeding schedule can be reduced to about two times per day. Appropriate calories requirement for a 6-month-old dog are estimated at about 250 calories for Toy breeds, 635 calories for small breeds, 975 calories for medium breeds, 1875 calories for large breeds and about 2800 calories for giant breeds.

The exact amount of food to feed still varies from dog to dog, as it must depend on the size, activity level, metabolism rate, and surrounding environment of the dog. If your pup begins to gain weight too rapidly, feel his ribcage know if the pace is abnormal. Likewise, if your dog’s ribs are showing, make sure to increase his portions. Whenever you feel unsure, check with a medical assistant for guidance. Anyway, do not try to make your dog outgrow himself because that would be a burden on his bones structure in later life.

(source: barkpost)

For treats, the caloric intake should not exceed 10 percent of daily calories intake. You can use treats during training sessions and satisfies the mutt’s urge to chew on something, but don’t let the treats fill up their stomachs before meals.

6-month-old dogs also drink a large quantity of water. If you are feeding the pooch dry food, water will be even more needed to rehydrate the food inside their stomachs for digestion.

On the other hand, you have to make sure your 6-month-old dog get enough of the vaccines shots, dewormer procedure, heartworm prevention, flea control and neuter (at choice).

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