How often should you wash your dog


Are you washing your dog often enough?
I don’t know about yours, but my dog feels like the end of the earth every time I bring him to the bathroom. Like really, the warm water I pour on him must feel like boiling extract of a thousand screaming souls, so that he struggles with all his heart.

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All his fightings make me wonder if I have been bathing him too often against his will. However, bathing still plays a really important role in keeping his coat and skin shiny and healthy. It also keeps the oil, dirt, parasite and allergens off the dog. And it makes the owners (or at least, me) feel safe to hug him.

The right frequency fo baths
According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a dog need to be bathed at least one time in every three months. By brushing and grooming frequently, an owner can get away with fewer baths. Too many baths will strip the natural oils and protective skin off the dog’s coat and skin, therefore, the coat will be a lack of shine and luster.

For dogs that love getting dirty by romping outdoor or take a mud spa day, bathing more often would, on the other hand, do him good.

For specific breeds, there are some general guides:
With most household dogs, once a month bathing can be sufficient
With dogs that have coats tend to be oily, for example, Basset Hounds, once a week bathing is required.
Short-coated dogs will do fine with less frequent baths
There are dogs with water-repellent coats who need to be bathed less often to keep the natural oils on their furs.
Dogs with thicker coats require more brushing (daily brushing is the best to shake off dead hair and distribute natural oils) than baths.
If your dog generally just lies around in the condo, then a lot of baths may not be necessary. On the other hands, the rural owners give their dogs access to all kind of dirt and infections around should bath them more for the sake of the whole family.

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How to wash your dog
The correct way to lather up the dog is to use a puppy or dog shampoo, and not human shampoo which contains ingredients that can irritate the dog’s skin. If your dog has problems on his skin, you can ask the vet for medicated baths.
To save bathing time, brush your dog beforehand. With clumps that may keep water, your dog could be infected. Put a cotton ball in each of the ears to prevent water from going in. It is preferred to use lukewarm water, as dog’s skin can be quite sensitive. Likewise, hot air from human blow-dryer is also too hot and can make their skin become irritated.

Okay, now the deed is done, remember to give him (and you, too) some rewards.

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