How to Carry Out Walking Meditation with Your Dog

Carry Out Walking Meditation with Your Dog

The image of someone has their dog be his or her side on the media often seems so meditating. In reality, it is much more troublesome. As soon as the walk begins, they will become hysterical and want to pull the leash all the time. This is not only stressing but can also be dangerous. How to fix this and make your walk with the dog into a meditating session?

1. It begins with you
You cannot be at peace with anything until you are at peace with yourself. Do not use the walks as a way of escaping. What is the point to take the dog with you, if all you’re gonna do is preoccupied with the mess of thoughts in your head? You could use the visual meditation in your head first: inhale and think of yourself of a mountain, exhale and think of yourself as peace. With every step, be aware. With this concentration on yourself and peace, ease down the nagging inside and bring yourself to the moment. You are walking, on the street, with your dog, in peace. meditation

2. Prepare the dog
Make sure you have helped your dog to resolve the agitation inside his mind before going out. If the dog has been inside the house all day, play balls with him for 10 minutes to drive out the energy. If he is hungry, feed him some light snacks. Give him some water so that he won’t beg for water in the walking session. You know your dog the most, don’t you?

3. Some gears to help you with
There are some special walking collars that let the dog walker to have a firmer grip. You can be quicker yet gentler to correct the dog. And you won’t have to stop to wait for a pull at all. Some people find it helpful to put some bags on the go so that they are weighed down. The bags can be filled with dry lentils, for example. This helps them work out better and quickly drain out the excess energy. By doi this, the dogs will have a sense of duty: they are carrying something.

4. Follow his lead
Letting the dog guide you is a liberating experience. Rely on him more, unless he wanders off too often. Feel free to lead a different path, let go of the clock on your hand. Nothing more important than being here with yourself and your dog right now.

5. Stay in the here and now
Be patient with the dog’s actions, check in with your senses instead with your phones. How is your body feelings? Where are your five senses? Listen to the bird songs, feel the pull of the leash, look for the greens in the leaves, sense the happiness aura from your dog. Also, it is ideal to put away your phones for a while.
In the end, of course, you and your dog will still have a lot of issues to work around. However, by staying open and raise a desire to live in harmony with your dogs and the surroundings, the dog walking can be an awareness meditation session that sustains peace and transform fears.

How to Carry Out Walking Meditation with Your Dog vào lúc: September 22nd, 2016 bởi Lan Hoang
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  1. Jeanne Melanson Reply

    I love this article. I do walking meditation when I’m walking with my little grandson, and I did it with my dogs too. Throughout the day I try to remember to be in the here and now as well. It’s so easy to fall back into distraction and chaos. Thank you for posting this. Peace.

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