How to stop a dog from chewing

How to stop a dog from chewing

Have you ever got astonished and furious when you catch your dog chewing your housewares and other possessions in your house? If yes, try not to fly into a temper at once. The reason is that dealing with destructive behavior of dogs needs lots of patience. Follow these steps to figure out how to stop dog chewing. First, figure out the causes motivating your pup to chew your belongings. The act of chewing in both young and old dogs probably shows a sign of a problem that they are trying to solve by chewing things. Thus, you need to spend time searching for the reason why your dog chews things. Chewing is a normal behavior for puppies because they may be experiencing teething process in which chewing helps them relieve their discomfort in their gums. Also, they use their mouth as a mean of exploring the world around them. By chewing, they can recognize the difference between food and things. Sometimes boredom can motivate not only puppies but also older dogs (6-18 months) to chew on things. Since adult dogs and puppies are often full of energy, prevent them from reducing their energy by chewing, and give them extra activities instead.

Any new dogs will be warmly welcomed with lots of attention, toys and treats by their new family at first. However, after a short time, the excitement is gradually faded away. This is another reason for dog chewing: spite and jealousy. New comers like a new pet, new baby or person can make the dog feel displaced and attempt to gain back the attention of the family by inappropriate chewing. For example, when you are playing with a new pet, the dog may come over and chew on new pet’s toy, destroying it to prevent you from playing with it. If you are studying, the dog may chew up your books. If you are leaving the house more, and leaving the dog alone, the dog may chew on your shoes. With its intelligence and jealousy, a dog can easily determine the thing which makes its owner spend less time with it and put that thing in its mouth immediately.

In this case, to stop dog chewing, the most effective way is to arrange more time to play with them. By doing so, your dog will feel your affection and know that he is still important to your family. Only a few minutes you spend with him before leaving home, or studying or playing with the new pet would lessen your dog’s chewing. Your dog’s mood will also improved dramatically. Focused, personalized attention is all that you need to make your dog feel special again!

Chewmageddon – What is Spikey’s Problem Anyway?

Way back in prehistoric times, humans turned wolves into domesticated dogs and let the bond between the two thrive in harmony. As soon as dogs were brought closer to human, they have quickly adapted to family life, adopting some human emotions, including jealousy, neuroticism, spitefulness, hatefulness, and boredom. When it comes to puberty, not only human children but also dogs experience a difficulty in processing and handling their emotions. From the age of 6-18 months, your dog undergoes adolescence. Once dogs reach their adulthood, their emotions will get more stable. They’ll learn to use greater restraint.

Spiteful Boxer – A Party of One

There was a couple whose pet was a Boxer dog. They loved him so much that the dog was taken everywhere with them when he was young. At first, the dog was pampered and had all the love and attention from the owners. He went shopping with them, ran errands, and went along to visit friends. No matter where the couple went, the dog and this couple were inseparable .You could tell he really loved it. He walked so proudly with his little family, wagging his tail and hanging on their every word.

However, everything in Boxer’s world changed out of the sudden because the couple gave birth to a baby. From that moment, the couple left the house without Boxer more and left him in the car waiting for them to go shopping. One day, when the family came back to their car after running errands, they found their be-loved dog having completely destroyed everything inside.

Car seats, padded dashboard, carpets – all just ripped totally to shreds! Foam stuffing strewn everywhere. The entire car interior totally obliterated by a spiteful Boxer.

It was the new baby who took away his dominant position in the family so he became spiteful to react. This did not mean he did not love the baby. The only thing he wanted was to take back what he had before: being taken everywhere, spoiled, loved, and doted upon. Thus, he tried to let his owners feel his disappointment and sadness by simply chewing up the car.

Redirecting Your Dog’s Chewing to Appropriate Chew Toys

If you do catch your dog chewing something that it shouldn’t, a firm ‘NO’ will do the trick. It’s a good idea to provide your dog with toys like plastic dog bone and other appropriate things to chew on. Gradually, he can distinguish the item he cannot chew from other things. Offering the dog right things to chew can avoid developing bad feeling for him.

Life changes come about for all us. A new baby comes home, a grown child leaves home, work schedules change. Changes can be challenging for all of us, and like the Boxer we talked about, your dog may be sensitive to changes that come about. They may feel a little out of sorts and tempted to engage in destructive chewing. Now is the time to give a little extra care and training to prevent this behavior and help them adjust to the change. Give them extra attention during periods of stressful life changes. Remember, they are adjusting too.


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