Macronutrient needs of the Great Pyrenees

Macronutrient needs of the Great Pyrenees

To our amazement, the Great Pyrenees do not have that much of an appetite, even when it comes to the best dry dog food for the Great Pyrenees. The reason they do not need as much energy is partly because of their lack of activity. What do you know, these dogs like to nap more than anything in this world. With that said, the food you provide these dogs still need to be of high quality, with the guarantee of proper contents, balanced macronutrients amounts. With high-quality food, these dogs will have a shinier coat, along with great health.

The glory of the great Pyrenees lies in the coats: they are long and luxurious. If you want your dog to feel and look fantastic, better make sure maintain his health. With this concern, we propose that you give him the ample amount of omega 3s and omega 6s, which are fatty acids that help his coats. There are also many other kinds of healthy fats that are important for this matter, too. On the other hands, the Great Pyrenees also frequently suffer from other illness associated with plaque or gingivitis. This means that the food with high content of sugar should also be avoided.

Below are other common health problems that the Great Pyrenees often suffer from:

  • Cancer: Bone cancer is a common problem in the Great Pyrenees. This type of cancer is reproductive, therefore it’s best that you keep your dog healthy, active and prevent this disease as soon as possible
  • Hip dysplasia is another problem with these dogs. To prevent this, the diet of your Great Pyrenees should have a lot of calcium contents.
  • Coats: with their long coats, the Great Pyrenees shed a lot of furs. Therefore, the owners should feed them with fattier meals so that their coat can stay shiny.
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