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Dogs, in general, love to chew on things, which pit bulls are no exception. You may have done the excellent job of finding him the best dry dog food for Pitbulls, however, finding a good chew treat for these dogs is another difficult task. As reviewers, we have bought many advertised chewing treats that are supposed to be long lasting. However, our Pitts devour these treats in some blinks of the eyes. On the other hand, along with the long lasting feature, the good chew treat should also keep the dog away from possible harms like fractured teeth, bowel obstructions, risks of choking or perforated intestines. What a challenge this is.

  • The features of a good chew treat
    The main purpose of a chew treat is to keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy and clean. It should also have great nutritious, and is long lasting enough to fulfill the psychological needs of our Pitt.s
    Therefore, we have a few checkpoints in mind when finding the good chew treat for our dogs.
  • Long lasting: We have repeated this word several times now, so you’ve probably known its importance. The long lasting feature can be quite ambiguous, as each dog needs different endurance. Aggressive chewers such as Pitbulls can completely destroy the treat in one hour, or two. On the other hand, more tamed do can be satisfied with the same treat for several weeks. Therefore, with Pitbulls, we should look for the heavy duty treats that should go through at least a day.
  • Safety: Sometimes when a dog chews on the treats, it can be splintering. When this happens, the pieces should be without sharp fragments, while the components should be edible and easy to digest. Otherwise, our dog can have obstructions. They should be hard, long lasting, yet soft enough as not to break our dog’s teeth.
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