Preparing for hunting dog training

Preparing for hunting dog training

You can choose from a lot of dog breeds to train as hunting dogs. Hunting dogs include hound dogs, feists, terriers, curs, dachshund and gun dogs. Gun dogs include spaniels, setters, retrievers, water dogs and pointers. Although these dogs have what it takes to hunt, they need proper training to become skilled hunters. In order to do this, proper hunting dog training is essential.

Here are a few tips to help your dog become a hunter:

  1. Give crate training to puppy

Just like people, the start of attitude and character development in dogs is during their puppyhood years. As soon as you get your dog home, it is recommended to welcome him with a good, comfortable crate which will serve as his own space and sanctuary inside the house. The crate, his room, will play an important part in setting his obedience training.

Crate training will teach your dog when to go in and out of his room. However, you have to ensure that the crate is a safe and happy place for him, otherwise this may lead to bad behavior. A crate-trained dog can easily adjust to obedience training.

  1. Help establish rapport

If you plan to develop good hunting skills of your dog, you need to expose him to people and the environment. This means you have to take him out as often as you can so he can have the chance to mingle and move around. Knowing how to establish good relationship with people and other dogs early in life will be helpful when he officially starts hunting dog training.

  1. Start early with his obedience training

Good discipline makes the world a better place to live in. This goes the same with dogs. If he has desirable behaviors, he’ll become an enjoyable companion and more unlikely to become a nuisance. Also, since obedience is vital to a good owner-dog relationship, dog owners usually familiarize themselves with the basics of obedience training. However, you can opt to hire a professional trainer or enroll him in obedience training classes.

Obedience training is vital to every dog’s discipline, especially to a hunting dog. This will be his first major step to increasing his hunting capabilities. Obedience training includes teaching basic commands such as sit, come, stay and down. Knowing these tasks will be helpful in learning advanced commands required for hunting dog training.

  1. Instill basic hunting dog training commands

There are 3 basic hunting training commands. These are Retrieve, Come and Stay. They may seem simple to you, but your dog may not learn or obey these commands quickly. To train your dog, you need to introduce and demonstrate the commands effectively, spare enough time to teach him with a lot of patience. Teaching these 3 basic commands will be easier if you have inculcated a sense of discipline into your dog early on. Also, make sure to introduce your dog to some possible distractions which might happen when you go out hunting. Thus, you would be able to determine and strengthen your dog’s level of obedience if he sticks to the command even with the occurrence of diversions.

Hunting dog training provides a discipline and special skills that not every dog can learn and comprehend. But once you are able to help your pet accomplish this, good times will surely follow. Below are some of the benefits of hunting dog training.

-It helps develop stronger bond

By having a skilled dog, you will have higher satisfaction of becoming a dog owner. You will also have more activities to share together. As a result, you will develop more fondness to your dog and vice versa.

-It stimulates and develops dog intelligence

Although hunting dogs are naturally smart, they need regular encouragement and excitement. Hunting dog training offers a lot of these things, which he will surely enjoy.

Hunting will be a fun and exciting activity that you and your dog will truly enjoy. By training your pet to become a hunting dog, he will discover his capabilities, uncover his strengths and build his personality. Hunting dog training kits, tools and other supplies are also available to make your training easier and more efficient. Remember to start hunting training early by starting today.

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