Proactive skin and coat care for dogs

Proactive skin and coat care for dogs

Are you a dog owner? Do you think of your dog as a furry child? Are cuddles with your favorite little ones is your biggest pleasure of the day? Then you must be worried about how to keep the pet squeaky clean. Nothing beats the urge to pet a clean and fresh smelling dog.

Not only does keeping your dog all nice and fluffy benefit you, it benefits the furry pal, too. Of the body, skin is the largest. For a dog, its skin protects the body from outside harms like infections or parasites.  Proactively keep your dog’s skin and coat shining and healthy is the right way, folks.

There are various factors contribute to how your dog’s skin and coat look and feel. Heredity, internal & external parasites, his own health, how often he is groomed, and the nutrition he takes in everyday are all of the concern. Heredity is nonadjustable, but it only determines the length, color, thickness and the texture of your dog’s coat. YOUR PROACTIVE CARE, however, makes her glows.  Here are some reminders to make your dog feel so good on the hand you are going to die.

  • Look under her ear for allergies symptoms

Human allergies often pop up in respiratory tracts. However, a dog’s allergies are more likely to be reflected in the skin and ears. This is also the most frequent reason that your dog’s fur does not look good.  These allergies may result in infection, says Deborah Brown from Pet King Brands, Inc.  Allergies make the pet more vulnerable to infections, because of bacteria, fungus, yeast and such. If your dog is allergic to something, she will have recurring symptoms, and, sadly, may be plagued for her entire life.

Frequently look for inflames, hot spots, mange, or itchy spots under her ears to find out about what she is allergic to. Try to avoid the evil source.

  • Inside out

Veterinarians agree that healthy skin and coat begins from the inside. Nothing beats giving your dog a nutritious diet with a quality source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and balanced fatty acids. I am going to say this straight, dogs are carnivores and you best leave them be. They need protein, and thrive on diets that are rich in animal-based protein source.

Linoleic acid, or omega-6 fatty acid, as well as omega-3s,are vital to a full, glossy coat. Meats are fine, but remember to add fish, or some veggies at times, too.

It is advisable that you feed your dog with nutritional supplements monthly to make sure he is full of love, and necessary nutrition to grow out beautiful fur. It would be easier to find treats flocked with these qualities and throw it at your dog’s way.

  • Brush him up

Your pet may not look dirty, but it would be beneficial to provide him with a spruce-up. Frequently brushing him will remove loose hair and dead skin cells, while restore natural oils.

If your dog has long coats, daily brushing is needed to prevent tangles. Make sure you are thorough in the ear, armpits, and backside of the legs areas.

If the dog only has short coats, it is ideal to brush him once a week. This prevents stray hairs well, and dander will not be lingering in your home’s atmosphere.

While comb through his fur, mind for any unusual lumps, bumps or unusual red area on her body. Should any suspect arise, take her to your vet.

  • Bath in the right way

Anytime your dog splashes through mud or dips in dirty water, please give him a bath. If he has this doggy odor, please give him a bath. If nothing ever comes up, please give him a bath anyway. How often should you do so, however, depends on his age, coat type and his health issues. It is important to use a specially designed doggie shampoo, because human shampoos are very harsh on a dog’s skin.

If your dog is on the older side, their skin might be a little more sensitive. Look for milder shampoo, best are ones made from natural oils.

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Once you have successfully gotten him in the bath, make sure to rinse thoroughly. Anything left will feel weird. And it would be very nice of you to follow the shampoo with a conditioner. This will control static electricity, and give the dog an extra sheen.

  • Make sure there is enough water

Fresh water is a must, both for his existence and his beauty. On the rare occasions that your dog loves toilet water, keep the lid on it. Change the water bowl daily, or as frequently as needed, because there may be uninvited insects swimming.

  • Does she seem itchy?

If she scratches often, make sure to look for fleas. It is best to use a flea comb, for those bastards know how to escape to well.  Especially in the summer, it will be more likely for your dog to be infected with the littlest devils.

If she scratches too hard, she would be more vulnerable to infection. Therefore, it would be nice to make use of nail clippers, too.

There are two types of people: the proactive ones, and the other ones. The only way to keep your dog happy always is to step up and look for any possible signs that may irritate him or her. Once infected, it would take a long time for her skin and coat to regain natural beauty. It is homework, homework, and homework, no shortcuts around.

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