Puppy sleep training for yours dog

Puppy sleep training for yours dog

Although getting a new puppy home is just a joy of life, you should prepare beforehand an efficient puppy sleep training; because it might keep you fully awake at night by its whining and crying.

All 4 pointers below will play an important role in instructing you to train your puppy properly. With these things in mind, you are helping not only your pup to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but also you to get a good night’s sleep.

Let him eat 4 hours before bedtime

Firstly, it’s important to understand that all puppies are active and always need more energies to engage in plenty of daily activities than matured dogs do. Thus, remember to provide your puppy with at least three or four meals a day. Dividing the food into smaller portions will also help it with its digestive system. This means if you make a habit of feeding your pup a couple of times during the day, its stomach will always have food inside to digest so he won’t feel hungry too quickly. Besides, the last meal of the day should be given 4 hours before its bedtime to make sure all the food is digested so he can fall asleep more easily. Always follow the right dinner time, right amount and right kind of puppy food to avoid the development of some diseases, particularly the gastric dilatation.

Do not let him drink much an hour before bedtime

It is clear that drinking lots of water always comes with urinating after a short time. Therefore, do not let your pup drink too much water at least one hour before he goes to sleep. This will ensure a good sleep without interruption for him, especially when he wants to urinate during his sleep. A good night’s sleep surely contributes to a better health, physical and emotional well-being of the puppy. Thus, never ignore or underestimate this advice.

In case the dog have drunk lots of water before its bedtime, you should immediately take it to somewhere that it is allowed to take a pee at anytime. Once there is a certain place with which it gets familiar, it hardly wants to urinate anywhere else.

Moreover, taking too much water at night can put high pressure on your puppy’s kidney, which can make him sleep uncomfortably. However, it doesn’t mean your pup should not be allowed to drink water in the evening, but an amount of ¼ cup of water is advisable for him before going to bed.

Keep him active and prevent him from sleeping in the afternoon

Take away all your pup’s chances to get active at night by keeping him awake for the whole afternoon. Thus, he will consume all the energy when the night comes. Too much energy left for the night may cause sleepless nights for the owners because the pups may keep nosing around the house. You will have to take a look over it from time to time (if it lives inside the house) to prevent it from biting things inside your household. Feeling of separation also makes the pup noisier than usual by barking constantly to draw your attention. In order to deal with this, keep him busy all day so that you and your pup are all set to a good night’s sleep. Moreover, the risk of developing some diseases in canine adulthood can be reduced by providing plenty of activities for puppies. However, only let your pup to play as much as his health allows, and set a reasonable playtime for him, about 1 or 2 hours inside and outside the house.

Let the puppy have proper amount of exercise before bedtime

All dog owners are responsible for their buddies’ health. Take good care of your puppies by giving them proper amount of exercise. A five-minute exercise two times a day could be ideal for a pup because puppies normally need mild exercise. You should take your pup’s age into consideration because it will help you decide the right amount of exercise needed. For instance, if the pup is around for months years old, 20 minutes of exercise seem to be appropriate. Toys such as balls and plastic dog bones or a simple walk will create good playtime for puppies.

Now, why does your puppy need to have proper amount of exercise before going to bed? Human beings tend to sleep more deeply after a hardworking day, and dogs share the same situation. Let your puppy release some energy to build his muscle while he is sleeping at night. With proper exercise and enough sleep, the muscles will have chance to develop much faster than usual.

Puppy sleep training is necessary for those who want to bring a new puppy home. Puppy bedtimes now do not seem to be challenging anymore since this piece of advice is the key to help you teach your puppy how to settle quickly and sleep along quietly with the rest of the household.

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