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best dog food for Bichon

Best dog food for Bichon

Choosing food for a bison can be hard because the food needs to both satisfy his hunger and strengthen his systems, outside and inside. Good foods can even ward off specific health issues that often occur to Bichons.

Daily needs

As small as they are, bichons with the average weights requires about 500 calories per day with a moderately active lifestyle. This daily ration is best divided in two to feed in the morning and evening.

Bichons’ meals should have meat as the main ingredient. Whether you use commercial or homemade meals, make sure he has about 50 percent of meat in each meal. The best meat includes poultry, fish, lamb, venison among others.

Fat source enriched with omega-3s will ensure his skin conditions, on the other hand. Wild salmon or fish oil can fill in this category really well.

Besides grapes, avocados and other toxic ingredients, bichons can enjoy fresh produce that can provide them with vitamins and mineral supplements. Ideally, include carrots, broccoli, zucchini, peas and melon in their diet, too.


Cancer is one of the most common fatal cause for bichons. You can help your mutt from infecting with the deadly disease by providing him a natural and healthy diet. Do this by offering fresh ingredients and keeps toxins & synthetic ingredients to a minimum. This can relieve stress from your Bichon’s body. Preservatives, artificial flavors, and chemicals are also no-nos.

Stick to the natural way can help your Bichon live to his fullest.

Total health aid

From the American leader in pet food manufacturer, Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit Small Breed Formula for Bison is the answer to every of your Bison’s requirements.

Did you know that Bichon needs calories dense food? Did you know that gluten, corn or soy can bloat his stomach? Solid Gold knows all that and more, therefore, came up with the best food formula for adult Bichons. The top five ingredients are bison, salmon meal, millet, brown rice and cracked pearled barley, all cream of the crop. There is 28 percent of protein in each bag, which is perfect for fueling the little doggie all day long while keep his muscles stay strong. 18 percent of Fat acts to slow down digestion so that the nutrients can be absorbed more. An ideal 4 percent of fiber is also ensured to help with the bowel movements. Basically, nothing more can be asked from Solid Gold.

At 380 kcal/cup, about two-thirds of a cup would be sufficient for your Bichon’s meal. No more brain wrecking calculations!

This Solid Gold food made for Bichons also come in small sized kibbles that strengthen the dog’s jaw and teeth without the risk of choking. They also fit in these small stomachs.

Your dog will never grow tired of Solid Gold because the company stays true to its mission: make super organic food and treat dogs like our own children.


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