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best dog food for Greyhounds

Best dog food for Greyhounds

Many people choose dog food by walking into the supermarket, take the biggest and cheapest bag of food and check out. Hope you are not one of those, for your Greyhounds need a specific high-quality dog food. Scroll down to find out how to have the best dog food for Greyhounds shipped to your house.

The proven needs

A great meal for Greyhounds should consist of about 30 percent protein, 15 percent fat, and 5 percent fiber. He also needs lots of water, vitamins and minerals.

Greyhounds often weight about 70 pounds and spend most of their time chilling and relaxing in the house. Therefore, a moderate calories amount of 1740 is sufficient. In this, at least 22 percent needs to be proteins, 8 percent needs to be fat, while good carbs, minerals, and vitamins should also be included. Racing Greyhounds are often fed raw meat on the tracks, however, your house dog will do his best to high quality commercial dry dog food.

It is blessed that Greyhounds are not subjected to many genetic illnesses, however, they will gain gastric torsion if fed bad food. This happens because Greyhounds are born with deeper chest structure. Although seems simple,  bloating can be fatal if not treated properly. You can reduce the risk by feeding your Greyhound good quality food in two small meals a day. Also, discourage him from working out too much in two hours after a meal.

What your Greyhounds really needs

Nothing can be better than Wild & Natural  Platinum Grain Free Dog Food when it comes to feeding an adult Greyhounds. More than just being a premium dog food, Wild & Natural has many features that make it the cream of the crop.

Firstly, it is free of common food irritants, like corn, soy or wheat. Basically, this food is grain-free. It also does not contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Osteosarcoma and spleen cancer, therefore, can be effectively avoided if you feed your dog with this food.

Secondly, their calcium to phosphorus ratio is just right. There are many grain-free dog food that is high in protein, but their inappropriate calcium to phosphorus ratio ca make the growth pace slower while weakening the formation of their bones.

Thirdly, they offer top notch ingredients that are caught in the wild or raised the natural ways. This can benefit the Greyhounds who have special blood chemistry.

In conclusion, the ultimate goal in considering different dog food brands is to find out what is the best. Once you’ve tried Wild&Natural for your Greyhounds and seen how good it can be, stick to it to keep him healthy through various stages of life.


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