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Best dog food for Shelties

Shetland Sheepdogs, or Shelties, are embraced by more and more owners as well-regarded lapdogs. But did you know what does an appropriate food for Shelties have? We have done our homework and know just what is the best.

What they need

Shelties are tiny dogs that need about 550 kcal per day to stay active and healthy. Older dogs and inactive ones, however, should be fed less to avoid obesity.

To maintain their boundless energy, Shelties need high-quality proteins the most to support their bones and muscles. Dogs evolved from carnivores, therefore they are dependent on animal protein as the primary source of nutrition, especially lean meat. A commercial dog food should have a couple of meats int the first five ingredients to ensure the Shelties’ needs.

Healthy fats are also needed, as well as good carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral supplements.


If you have ever fed your cutie commercial dog food, you would know that brands on sale vary from dirt-cheap market type to luxury brand that cost thousands of dollars a month.

The cheaper counterpart that cost about 10 dollars for a 40 lbs bag often have scams for advertisement.

–    Meat source: although meat stands in the top five ingredients, these can be slaughterhouse byproducts or meat that are heavily packed with hormones and other drugs, which can provide less protein and even be harmful to your dog

–    Fillers: In the past 10 years, a lot of pet food manufacturers have overused cheap grain ingredients to bulk up the products, in order to make the bag fuller, while providing no real nutrients. These include gluten or corn. This is bad for your Shelties, who evolved to eat mostly raw meat and bones with a little exception of vegetation.

Good ingredients

OK, it can get confusing with about twenty ingredients with scientific names on food labels. Just focus on the top five ingredients, and make sure these components are available:

–    Beef, lamb or poultry meal: fresh and high-quality meat meal

–    Mineral traces: make sure they are in easy to digest form so that the nutrients can be absorbed into the dog’s intestinal tract and bloodstream.

–    Vitamin E, C or Tocopherols: Anti-oxidants that strengthen the dog’s immune system

A truly good brand

There are many dog food brands that will provide your Sheltie with good quality nutrition, but the best of them all is Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Protein Bars Dog Treats.

Skin & Coat, Digestive Health, Eyes, teeth & Gums, Immune System and Energy, Wellness CORE has all your Sheltie’s needs covered. First of all, you will see your dog enjoy the meaty flavor so much that he would gulp down every last kibble. However, the treat is also low on calorie, therefore overweight or obesity is not a problem.

With chicken and turkey as the main protein source, your dog will be supplied with a sufficient amount every day. The carb also comes from sweet potato that can keep the doggie healthy without bloating or difficulty in digestion. No corn, no soy, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, feed your Shelties the premium food at a saving price with Wellness Core!


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