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best dog food for the Great Pyrenees

Best dog food for the Great Pyrenees

Nothing can be fluffier or cuter than Great Pyrenees. If you have got such a good friend, it is understandable that you want to feed her with the best there is. With so many choices, how do you make your decision?

Basic needs

As a big dog, an average Great Pyrenees need about 1750 kcal daily to stay healthy. Even though these mutts sleep a lot, they still need much to be fueled during a day. A more than active Pyrenees may need about 3400 kcal while the older ones can settle for 1500 kcal. It depends on the active level of your pooch.

Even though GP has quite a moderate appetite, therefore make sure you find the food he likes, and stack all the essential nutrients into it. If a Bulldog often shows off his muscles, a Pyrenees’ distinctive point is her coat. Therefore, a generous amount of fat in omega 3s and 6s forms, as well as high-quality proteins and carbohydrates. The Great Pyrenees is also more prone to gingivitis, which means food with high sugar content will not be good for her.

An interesting point about the Great Pyrenees is that they can conserve their energy when in need. While 1750kcal sounds like a lot, actually you do not need to feed them as much as smaller dogs, pound to pound.

When you feed your GP, it is recommended that you only leave the appropriate amount

Ward off diseases


Most Great Pyrenees will not have serious health problems as long as you feed them with natural ingredients in well-proportioned meals. By appropriate, we mean food that is excluded from common irritants like corn, soy or wheat. Grain-free dishes are also preferred.

If you can not avoid the above ingredients, at least stay away from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives to keep the Great Pyrenees’ immune system stay strong.



A great treat

For a life long friend, you need a food brand as good as Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Dry Dog Food. It is made with six organic grains and nine dehydrated vegetables. One pound of this dry food is equivalent to seven pounds of finished cooked food. Therefore, you only need to add water to your GP’ diet if you use Dr. Harvey’s food.

Uses only ingredients deemed fit for human, Dr. Harvey’s Dry Dog food consists of organic rolled oats, organic barley, and organic triticale. You can also use it for home-made meals: just add more meat and the Great Pyrenees is ready to go!


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