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best dry dog food for Beagles

Best dry dog food for Beagles

Proper feeding gives your Beagles more than health: it can extend his life. Puppies need a good meal plan to grow up healthy, and adult Beagles can become overweight or malnourished if there is not enough care put into the diet.

Beagles are a friendly breed: they enjoy almost any food, and a little meal goes a long way for them. You probably do not have any problem with finding a food he likes, but knowing what is good for him is a more difficult task. Here are a few tips to choose the best dog food for Beagles.

A Balanced Diet

Beagles in modern homes tend to be a little overweight, for they often do not get enough exercise. It is essential that you watch how much calories you feed your little one, for overweight and obesity can cause serious health problems.

For a 25-pound Beagles, it is best that you feed him 1010 calories a day, said the National Research Council of National Academies. Fewer calories are needed for the ones that have been neutered or older.

Like all dog, Beagles thrives on good proteins, with about 20 percent of proteins needed for a meal. They also need about 7 percent of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in each meal.

Health issues

Without proper diet, a Beagles can get infected with hypothyroidism, which can be avoided by a grain free or low carb diet.

Beagles are also prone to excessive weight gain. Therefore, it is important that his meals are filled with fibers, and you also need to monitor how much he eats in a day.

The manufactured food to avoid

There are many brands of manufactured food for Beagles, but most of them bear bad characteristics, like:

–    Contain too many fillers: Fillers are the name for empty ingredients that have no nutrients nor calories. These are put into the kibbles to make them look fuller and fill up your Beagle’s stomach faster, while providing nothing to fuel his body. Passing right through the body, they can cause gas problems and other issues.

–    Contain coloring, artificial flavors or additives, for these ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

–    Do not have real meat, or use meat by-products (like chicken beaks, fatty tissue, stomach linings or intestines).

High-end brands are packed with real and wholesome food, such as bison, venison, chicken or fish. They have no fillers inside, and contain good quality vegetables and fruit, instead.

A good solution

The answer to all your Beagle’s diet problems lies in Dr. Harvey’s Oracle Grain-Free Formula Dog Food.

Specialized made for Beagles with high quality dehydrated/free dried food, these kibbles are basically chunks of good proteins, vitamins, fruits, and veggies.

Stands as an ideal dog food, they feature chicken as meat proteins as the major ingredient. Even better, the chicken meat is dehydrated, so the proteins inside them are several times higher than other dog food.

The fat in Dr. Harvey’s, on the other hand, is from chicken fat as well, which assists you Beagle’s skin and coat to stay in the best condition.

Dr. Harvey’s also checks the grain-free box that eliminates the chances of skin allergies or sensitive stomach for your Beagles.

Famous for its “just add water” advertisement, many owners have reported that they really just have to provide a generous amount of water and two meals of Dr. Harvey’s each day to see the gleams in their mutt’s eyes. Say goodbye to stomachaches, obesity and cooking hassle!


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