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best dry dog food for Dobermans

Best dry dog food for Dobermans

Gone are the days dog food only consists of crappy materials and hard as a rock. Good dog food now exists, but you have to research a little to find out what is the best for your Dobermans.

The Bad

Mostly raised as watchdogs or military dogs, average weighted Dobermans need as much as 2100 calories for daily activities. An adult Doberman has a square frame, and should be well-proportioned. To keep up with the lean muscles and strong bones, you should feed him at least 22 percent of protein and 8 percent of fat.

Unfortunately, Dobermans contract lots of diseases easily. Maintaining a good weight and fitness can keep them away from harm. Antioxidants and vitamins for the stronger immune system are also crucial.

For example, Dobermans are prone to hip dysplasia, which can only avoid by keeping him from being overweight. By keeping track of your dog’s diet, keeping him slim and allow moderate exercises, you can make sure he does not have to suffer from discomfort.

The Good

The best way to ensure your Doberman has all the nutrition he needs is to prepare his meals with packed dog food for medium to large breeds. These types of food often have a large amount of protein, less fat and carbohydrates to maintain the dog’s lean muscles mass.

When choosing a brand, do not just assume that the formula will satisfy all the dog’s needs. You need to check the ingredients list, especially the top five ingredients to make sure all the components are appropriate and true to advertisement.

Protein is both essential and tricky for Dobermans. On one hand, as an active and muscular dog, Dobermans do best with food has high protein content, at least 25 percent. On the other hand, Dobermans are prone to kidney disease, therefore too much protein can make it worse. An appropriate protein formula is available in some of the premium foods.

As Dobermans are also prone to low blood sugar, they thrive on complex carbs that burn slowly. Only food with low glycemic level can satisfy this. Those food can help the Doberman active and playful for a longer time. The most appropriate carbohydrates source is sweet potato.

A food brand that can perfectly fit in all the above category is Merrick Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food. Ultra premium with the main ingredient being deboned meat, your Doberman would surely wag his tails away to the taste of these kibbles. A firm “no” to ingredients from China, Merrick dog food brings only the freshest ingredients to your kitchen. They are also the leader in the industry at the balanced levels of protein ad Omega fatty acids. With 38 percent of good protein in every bowl, you don’t have to worry about the kidney diseases. It also contains glucosamine that offers joints support.

Of course, vitamins, minerals that are compulsory in high-quality dog food are not missed from Merrick: they are brought about by apples and blueberries. There is also various protein sources, like buffalo, chicken, duck, lamb, salmon or venison. Cooked in their kitchen, one batch of a time, Merrick is guaranteed with highest quality ingredients and balanced nutrients levels.


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