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best dry dog food for Golden Retriever

Best dry dog food for Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs. It is no surprise, for they are so smart, easy to train and happy to be with children. Basically, a golden retriever is a family member. Then what do you feed him? Are you sure you’re giving him the best?

Nutritional Needs

Golden Retriever is a Sports dog, which means he has a dense coat that repels water, good undercoat and featherings on legs, chest, and tail. Just like their name, all these furs is bright gold.

By weight, Golden Retrievers often need about 1740 calories a day. While the neutered or older one may need less, there are also mutts with strenuous activities that require up to 1850 calories per day.

Most of the time, an ideal diet for Golden Retrievers must contain at least 25 percent protein. Make sure the protein comes from some of the first five ingredients, and you can recognize the ingredient by name.

The long, luxurious coats of Golden Retrievers also needs plenty of good omega fatty acids to maintain. Carbohydrates can be easier to choose, as long as you stay away from fillers like corn, soy or sugar.

Health issue

Low-quality ingredients in many commercial dog foods can cause Golden Retrievers skin irritation and allergies. The irritation triggers include corn, soy, wheat, among many others.

Bloating is another dangerous symptom that can happen if your Retriever eats one large meal a day only, or if he exercises right after eating. Make sure you divide his daily portion into two or three smaller meals and restrain his activity after meals.

Obesity is also another illness common in Golden Retrievers. To keep the mutt from putting on too much weight, feed him food that is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins.

A good brand

Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free Chicken Meal and Sweet Potato Formula Dry Dog Food can impress any Golden Retriever owners with its good ingredient list, amazing nutrient ratio and the heavenly taste that pooches love so much.

This is a high-quality grain-free food that provides sufficient protein with the combination of other great ingredients.

30 percent of protein comes from chicken meal, pork meal, duck meal and salmon meal sounds like the perfect match for your Golden Retrievers. In meal forms, they are denser in nutrients in comparison to whole meat.

The carbohydrates, on the other hand, comes from sweet potato, which is the most recommended ingredients for dogs in grain-free formulas. Other good stuff includes tomato, blueberries, flaxseed and ground sage. All these ingredients are often used in your own kitchen and meet all AAFCO standards.

A super premium meal at a good price, you don’t find a bargain like this every day. Grab the unbeatable values right away!


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