Reviews of best dry dog food for Westies |

best dry dog food for Westies

Westies are sociable and energetic, and it can be tough finding the food that can fuel him every day. After some research, we have come up with the best food there is.

Best dry dog food for Westies
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Nutrition Facts

A typical Westie that weighs approximately 18 pounds needs about 560 calories per day. More active mutts would need more energy, while the neutered or older dog would need less.

Generally, Westies are born strong and not many diseases can affect them. However, there are some notes on their health that you should be careful about.

Being terriers, Westies often suffer from skin allergies, like Westie Armadillo Syndrome. The disease may seem simple, but it can become dangerous if remain unchecked for a long time. A proper diet can manage to prevent it from the start as long as the food you feed him is hypoallergenic.

Addison’s Disease is another illness that Westies are susceptible to. The symptoms include low blood pressure, depression, digestive dysfunctions among many things else. Feeding your dog in a diet that is rich in whole ingredients in human-grade can be a big help with this condition.

Always avoid cheap dog foods, for those contain unhealthy components that can worsen the dog’s immune system.

Best dry dog food for Westie

There is nothing Westies prefer to Wellness CORE Grain Free Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food.

The first ingredients of this food contain chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal, which provides generous protein. Carbohydrates in Wellness Core are mainly delivered from potato. Not only is this ingredient free of gluten, it is also easy to digest and has high caloric content. The fibers, on the other hand, are ensured with peas. They are rich in natural fibers, which ease the ingestive problems and help the dog’s stools become firmer.

Another notable ingredient is chicory root. This root is rich in inulin, which is rich in soluble dietary fiber, and prebiotic that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria inside the dog’s stomach. The minerals added to the food have been chemically attached to the protein, which makes them easier to absorb. These are the things that make Wellness CORE outstanding.

In comparison to other dog foods of the same price, Wellness CORE has a protein level that is above average, appropriate fat content and fewer carbohydrates. No doubt, this means a notable amount of meat and less chance of making your dog become overweight.

Worry no more with Wellness CORE Grain Free Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food.


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