The treat that every Pitbull wants


Dogs have psychological needs that direct them to find something to chew on. While you should choose the best dry dog food for Pitbulls as their main meals, a great chew treat is also needed. We have listed below some things a good treat should be able to do.

  • Digestibility: There are treats on the market that are made of substances like plastics, or other inedible substances. We should avoid these and find the treats that have high-quality ingredients that the dog would benefit from
  • Quality: the great treat is supposed to be made of ingredients that are appropriate for the human. A perfect example of this is grass-fed meat. Feed grade ingredients, on the other hand, often have rancid fats, leftover meats from ill animals or other things that we should never give our Pitbulls.
  • Natural: It is best that we avoid chemical preservatives, as well as artificial flavors, colors and other unnatural additives in the dog treats. It is even better if the treats contain meat without antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Stain: There are dogs that are always inside the crate, but our dog is not one of them. While attacking the treat, he can bring it everywhere to chew on, and a staining treat could leave our carpet untreatable. Therefore, we aim for treats that won’t leave a stain. If possible, less smelling could be a plus point.
  • Where is it made from?: As the recent news from China’s food safety standards, as well as our history with Chinese products, we’d like to skip on the chews that are made in China, for the dog’s safety, and ours as well.
  • Bones: The shops or online catalog often have a variety of feature, knuckle bones or shank that are plain, roasted or smoked. Raw bones are often on sale in butcher shops or grocery stores.
The treat that every Pitbull wants vào lúc: November 26th, 2016 bởi Lan Hoang
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