What Can You Do If Your Dog Has Bad Breath


Bad breaths are really detectable: you know it when you smell if. More than often, bad breath comes from a lot of bacteria that produces odors inside the mouth, lungs or gut of the dog. It happens every now and then, but if the situation persists, then your dog may need dental care or a gastrointestinal check up. The problem may also lie in his liver or kidneys. Whichever it is, this is a condition that can be helped with the following suggestions.

What Can You Do If Your Dog Has Bad Breath

Although bad breath in dogs is common, it is not something that you and your dog have to endure. The best option is to be proactive about the dog’s oral health.

  • Take regular appointments with the vet to identify any conditions that may cause bad breath. Especially ask them to check the teeth and breath
  • Feed your dog with premium and easy to digest food.
  • It is ideal to brush your dog’s teeth frequently or even daily. Use special toothpaste for dogs, because human toothpaste has ingredients that may cause stomachaches.
  • Help the dog clean his teeth by giving him hard yet safe chew toys.
  • Give him treats that are formulated to improve odor of breath
  • Ask the vet for any at-home oral health product that you should use for your dog.

Prevention is preferred to treatment, and the daily practice of good oral health measures can prevent more serious problems. Dental disease will be more likely to develop if there are a plaque on his teeth for a prolonged period of time. Tooth brushing is the most effective way to keep plaque off and keep his dental health in check. The dental treats and chewing toys can also be effective, but they should be used as complement measures only.

There are some notes you should take when to begin a brushing regime for the dog

  • Dogs of all age need brushing. It would be easier to begin while he’s still a puppy.
  • Make brushing a daily routine that occurs the same time everyday
  • the ideal time for brushing is after a walk, when he’s just eaten, or right before bedtime. These are the times when your dog feels most relaxed.
  • Make sure the gums inside his mouth a pink without any bleed, and look out for broken and chipped teeth.
  • Let the dog sniffs the toothpaste and taste it. Then apply the toothpaste with the index finger, and carefully touch the gums so that the mutt can get used to the feeling.
  • Be gentle along the gum line.
  • Begin with a few teeth first, and increase the number of teeth to wipe as the routine becomes more familiar with the dogs.
  • There is also breath freshener for breath control of dogs.
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