What Dog Breeds Have Webbed Feet?

What Dog Breeds Have Webbed Feet?

If you have taken a look at your dog’s feet, you will see a lot of features that make him distinctive. No dog’s paw is the same: their ancestors give them different toe placement, nail length, and color. And webs, too! Not like the webs that ducks have in their feet, dogs’ webbed feet is a tissue that keeps the toes of some dogs attach closer to each other. In breeds who do have webbed feet, the skin between the toes is a bit closer than the breeds who don’t.
The dogs that have webbing in between their toes are good swimmers. Some were even bred with the intention of having webbed feet so they can work better under water. With webbed feet, they swim much faster and more efficient.
Unless you do a full foot exam on your pooch, then these webbed tissues can be hard to notice. Below are some breeds that have notable webbed feet.


(source: i.dailymail.co.uk)

These are strong water working dogs, and of course, they are blessed with exceptional swimming abilities. They can carry a grown human and swim towards the shore with ease. Earlier, they were bred to help fishermen in the Newfoundland to work in the ocean. Water-resistant and thick fur, huge size, lean muscles, bulky, awesome loyalty, no surprise Newfoundlands are often trained as K-9 lifeguards.
Newfoundlands swim in a distinct motion: they don’t paddle, and rather go down and out. With this motion, Newfoundlands can go through the waves easily.

Labrador retrievers

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In the same K-9 league with Newfoundlands are Labs. They are one of the best swimmers in the beloved canines. The trained Labs for hunting can patiently wait, then track down and retrieve in water objects upon commands.



In contradiction with the above huge dogs, the little Wiener is also an all-in-one hunter plus swimmer plus cutie pie. Originally, Dachshunds are raised to hunt down small animals. The long and skinny bodies make it easier for them to tread water. Although their feet are small, the webbed feet helps them with moving quite fast.

Redbone Coonhound

(source: dogtime)

Originally, the hunting dogs are from Europe. In South America, the hunting spaces are filled with swamps, forests, and tall trees which preys could easily hide in. Instead of burrowing, they’ll throw their selves in water or climb up to escape. That is where the Redbone Coonhound comes in business. With their webbed feets, these dogs can paddle through swamps and lake to pursue the prey. Other than that, this breed is also fearless and intimidating. Alligators, black bears are cougars should not be a problem. Relentlessly, they would find out the prey and keep them locked in an area until the owner arrives and finishes off.

Portuguese Water Dog

(source: mypetsmart)

Another fisherman dog breed is here: the Portuguese Water pups are really useful under the water, just like their Newfoundland peers. They are not as bulky or thick-furred, therefore they help the fisherman by herding. Swimming, these water dogs would herd schools of fish into the waiting net. In occasions when items fell overboard, these guys can retrieve easily and lessen the risks for their owners. What’s more, Portuguese Water Dog can even deliver messages between boats!

Some other dog breeds also have webbing between their toes. For example Akitas, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, Nova Scotia duck-trolling retrievers, German short-haired pointers, otter hounds, German wire-haired pointers, Brussels Griffons, Irish water spaniels, wire-haired pointing Griffons, poodles, Weimaraner, Field Spaniel. Leonberger, Plott Hound, Spanish Water Dog, etc.

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