What to Do When Your Dog is Afraid of Thunderstorms


Storm phobia is the condition where your dog is extremely afraid of the thunderstorms. Just a clap of thunder or a flash of lightning can send the dog running for a hiding place. This is also called “storm anxiety” or “noise phobia” by vets.

Although this is a common condition in pooches, it is still heartbreaking every time we see our furry friend look so scared and helpless. They will not grow out of this fear on their own, and most dogs will just get worse with their conditions over time. We have asked the certificated specialists concerning this  matter.

  1. Know the cause

It is a matter of psyche. When a dog is suffered from storm phobia, he can be responding to the pressure changes in the environment that we human can not feel. In combination with separation anxiety, these changes are too much for him to handle and urge him to hide. In extreme cases, the dog can cause damages to himself by hitting the walls or running into streets.

  1. Act early

The early symptoms of storm phobia involve the dog quiver under the beds when there are storms outside. This seems normal, however, if you ever spot this in your dog, take early actions because storm phobia is a progressive behavioral disease. Each thunderstorm session will make it worse. Take action as soon as possible

  1. Don’t leave him alone

Some think that by staying still when their dog suffers won’t reinforce the negative behaviors of hiding and prevent their dogs from becoming whimpers. However, a case of phobia is not where you tell anyone to buck up and get strong: it is a real disease. It would make his anxiety worse. ON the contrary, provide her with positive actions or distracting stimulus to calm her down.

What to Do When Your Dog is Afraid of Thunderstorms
( source: dogsnaturallymagazine )
  1. Reinforce the positive behaviors first

If you want to teach the dog about courage and self-composion, do it when he is calm. Praise and shower him with praises when he’s calmer.

  1. Tools that can help your dog

A thundershirt is designed to calm the dogs. Get them used to these safe wears even when it’s not raining to make him happy and relaxed whenever you put the shirt on. When the storm comes, he will associate the sensation of wearing the shirt with calmness.

  1. Create a hiding place.

Creating a comfortable place that is isolated, like inside the inside the closet or the bathroom can be nice. Hiding is a natural psychological defense for dogs. Crating the pups can also have a good influence on them when there are scary things happen. They know that there is always a safe place for them to hide, which ensure them a lot and prevent them from running wild and cause themselves injures.

  1. Desensitize

It is possible to get him used to the fears with thunderstorms sounds. Play it at a low volume when he is happy and in the playing session to get him associate the storm with happiness. Increase the volume as time goes by.

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