You Need To Know About Feeding a Puppy

You Need To Know About Feeding a Puppy

It is obvious that if you are a new owner of a puppy, you will find yourself sitting in front of the screen and searching for some tips on feeding your new pet. But you could also be a reluctant raiser if the litter of puppies lost their mother too early, or if they are abandoned on the street. Whichever the case may be, you are now responsible to take care of them. Hopefully, this article will help you with t his by sharing some tips on choosing the food and feeding properly.

  1. Puppy Food Supplies

Thankfully exclusive puppy food is now available commercially so the development of your pup’s muscle and bone will be strongly supported. The amount protein and vitamins widely included in it are much greater than those in other dog food. Always choose the food that are specially formulated for puppies to provide best care for your pet, especially at his early developing stage.

Dry Food or Wet Food?

First, let’s find out the differences and similarities between these two types of canine food. The biggest difference between wet and dry food is that wet food has extra water inside whilst dry food does not. Although canned food (or wet food) often costs more than dry food due to package and transporting expenses, in fact, it contains the same amount nutrients as the dry one. The two types of food made from various ingredients will provide an excellent source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for your puppy.

When it comes to choose dry food or moist food, keep in mind that breeders are not just the ones from whom you get your puppy. They are also your nutrition experts who you can consult about appropriate food for your little dog. High-quality dog foods are often canned food and be chosen to feed the puppy. The reason why canned food is more preferable is due to its impeccable taste and the meat added in it, which will satisfy most puppies and make them eat more.

Sometimes you may want to mix different kinds of food together for a more nutritious meal. However, do this with caution because this act may lead to vomiting or diarrhea in the puppy, which is sign of an inappropriate composition of food.

Besides, a cool, dry place is where you should store the food because the existence of moisture may give a breakdown of the nutritional content. Moreover, keeping the food in such a place will also ensure the freshness of it.

Dog Snacks and Treats

Despite the fact that every puppies and dogs love treats, you should only give them those tasty rewards in moderation. Giving too many treats may present weight problems, which might cause different illnesses in the long run.

In fact, treats are not as nutritionally balanced as normal canine food. Thus, it is highly recommended to treat your four-little-legged friend in training only so you can get his/her full attention and well-behaved reactions.


Water is essential to all creatures so never leave water out of your pup’s diet. Moreover, the fact is that dogs do not sweat. Thus, in order to decrease the body’s temperature, dogs would stay away the sunlight, find a cool place for themselves and take more water. During hot summer days, make sure to keep water available for your puppy by placing a water bowl in where he can find easily the most. It is best to serve water at the same time with his meal time so he can notice where the drink is.

  1. Advice on feeding properly

Maintain the Breeder’s Food

If you are a new owner and inexperience in feeding puppies, keep using the breeder’s food at least for the first week or month. The reason is that the breeder must has lots of experience to make right decision on puppy’s nourishment. This is also a good and smooth start for a new puppy’s diet in the future.

Change the diet gradually

Due to the fact that the digestive system of the puppy is so fragile, the transition from old food to new food needs to be a slow and gradual process. If you switch the diet too quickly, this may cause several health problems. Therefore, do not make any sudden change of the food. Whenever feeding your puppy, you should bring him two cups of food, one is old and the other is new. This will help to keep both mental and physical continuity for your little buddy.

Consider when and how much to feed

It is not until 18 months old should you feed your puppy adult dog food because this is the best time to switch his diet. You can meet a veterinarian to get advice on the right adult food for your pet.

Also, keeping your puppy in good shape is vital for a healthy life. Thus, monitor your dog’s food consumption by setting a schedule of when and how much food your puppy is going to take. This routine will also give a sense of stability for your pup. Vets recommend to feed them twice daily, and provide larger portions in the morning to allow more time for digestion.

However, keep in mind that different dog breeds have different dietary needs. For example, a Labrador would eat more than a Chihuahua. Therefore, find feeding instructions on the packages of the food so you can know how much food is suitable to your puppy.

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